Who is Lynda West?

 A Dark Collection of Dysfunctional Family Stories

What are these tales from the Lloyd family really about?

It’s about about emotional pain drenched in tears…of mocking laughter.

Because the joke’s on them! Once, they were brutally in control; but now they stand revealed as petty, mean-spirited, incompetent and delusional nincompoops. And the inspiration for wicked mirth.

And so, deep down, this book’s about revenge. Sweet revenge.

The Lloyd family begins as outwardly conventional – drowning in etiquette, desperately engaged in concealing social shortcomings that no one else would’ve given a rat’s ass about. But soon, their cover-ups expand in response to their escalating rage and violence.

Admittedly, the villains’s names have been changed so the author can comfortably unburden herself -- now that the dead bastards can’t sue her.

Which is why these stories include some of the awful events behind such gallows merriment. Comedy that’s tragic and tragedy that’s comic. It’s time to discover the worst about the Lloyd family.

Who knows – it could even spawn a whole new genre: Comedy with Tragic Relief?

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(Spinning sound…) “Just say you love me!"    -- Mother Dear

“I’ll see you in hell!”                                 -- Your loving brother Joel

“What would you expect? Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.”                       -- Clarissa (I’m the middle child)

“No comment.” -- Daddy