Who is Lynda West?

A Dark Collection of Dysfunctional Family Stories

Who is Lynda West?

Lynda West’s boutique production companies have produced music comedies for Warner Bros and New Line and arena tours with legends Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, and the Fat Boys. Her first artist, the Fat Boys, garnered five gold and platinum albums and manager West has guided the careers of MTV and pop-culture on-air personalities. In 2018, West co-produced the YO! MTV Raps 30th Anniversary show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Her art direction/production resume includes hit albums and music videos. Her visuals and costumes are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 


 A voracious reader, Lynda has long nurtured a desire to write her own books. Throughout her entertainment-centered career she wrote reams of publicity copy for the numerous projects and clients she represented. All the while, working on stories she hoped one day to publish. She is now beginning her new life as an author with a collection of darkly comic stories, “Brutally Funny,” about the dysfunctional Lloyd family – a “fictional” group of misfits disturbingly similar to her own bizarre relatives. 

Her professional diversity is explained by her favorite New Yorker cartoon of store window signage: 

         “Sears & Melville 

      Hardware and Novels”